Vacation with Coco: Top 5 Destinations


Planning a vacation with Coco and thinking where to go? A holiday is a great opportunity to unwind and spend some quality time with family, friends and your beloved ESA. however, not every place is pet and ESA friendly.


Below are some great dog-friendly destinations where Coco could tag along with you. Make sure that you take your ESA letter with you and before settling with one, ask for an emotional support animal letter sample from the therapist to see what will go in it.


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Once you get the letter, pack your bags, and get ready.


  1. San Francisco, California


Probably the first choice for people looking for holiday destinations. Other than people, San Francisco is a great place for dogs also. The city is dog friendly and there are over 50 restaurants that would welcome your canine friend.


Interestingly, there are some cruises and wineries also that won't mind if Coco comes with you.


  1. Lake Mead, Nevada


Thinking to take Coco to Vegas? Great idea and it is an extremely pet and ESA friendly place also. Once you are there, plan a visit to Lake Mead to experience all sorts of interesting things and activities. Whereas you can do emotional support animal registration by following the very simple and easy step


Some of the things to do are having a walk along the railroad trail, sight viewing from the River Mountains Loop Trail, and witnessing the beautiful Redstone Trail rock formations. You and your pup will love to be there.


  1. Key West, Florida


The place is extremely dog friendly and welcomes your canine friend in many places. You can go to the Island Dogs Bar for a relaxing drink and you can visit the Key West Aquarium also. However, make sure that you keep the leash on your dog all the time and it knows how to behave around people. The new rules state that it is important for pet owners to keep an esa letter for housing to keep their pets with them


  1. The Finger Lakes, New York


Love to be around water? The Finger Lakes is the perfect place for you and Coco. It is a combination of 11 freshwater lakes that are situated in the upstate New York that are extremely beautiful and ideal to visit with your ESA Letter. You will be happy to know that most of the wineries, marinas and small scale breweries have no issues welcoming your furry friend.


  1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a perfect place to explore hidden treasures and Coco is a perfect partner for it. There are more than 200 caves that you can visit and discover with your ESA. The caves are located in the Wekerle Estate, which was built as a ‘Garden City’ during the early 20th century. Whereas, you can download emotional support animal letter sample online 


Vacations are absolutely important for everyone to rest and refresh. Going to these places, and a number of other animal-friendly places means that you will not have to leave your beloved and faithful furry friend behind. If you are still confused about how to get an esa letter online you can always visit the website

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