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Students usually ask, how can I write my paper so I can ace it? By following the below-mentioned framework you will not only be able to effectively write a high school essay on any topic but also ace it. There are multiple kinds of high school essays but there are generally only five key components of a high school essay. This type of essay mostly utilized in high schools is referred to as five-paragraph essays. A five-paragraph essay starts with the introduction paragraph followed by body paragraphs, one through three, and finally, the conclusion paragraph. 


Understanding the essay question 

It is very important to remember that the purpose of writing an essay is to answer a question. Dissertation writers need to make sure his paper answers the right and the exact question that is being asked. Understanding the question asked and writing the essay accordingly is the major task for an essay writer. 



The first sentence in your introductory paragraph needs to be the hook or lead. This sentence gets readers interested in reading about your essay topic. The hook or lead for instance can be, "People need exercise to stay healthy". This hook states the topic and tells readers why exercise is important to them. The next part of your introduction paragraph is called the background or bridge. These are a few sentences that contain facts, numbers, opinions, or history about the topic that gives readers the information they need


to understand your message about the topic. The reason this part is often called a bridge is that it takes people from your hook or leads to the thesis statement, which is the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. These background sentences are preparing the reader for our answer to that question. and the last sentence in our introduction paragraph is called the thesis statement.


The thesis statement tells your main claim about the topic plus the reasons that you attach to those claims. Typically, a high school essay should contain a minimum of three reasons attached to the thesis statement. After our three reasons are given, we explain each one of these reasons in the paragraph that comes next. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a paper and, in such cases, you can always hire a paper writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professional essay writer.


Topic Sentences 

The topic sentence of each paragraph is one of the reasons mentioned in the thesis statement. So, an essay writer’s topic sentence, of body paragraph one, is essentially the first part of the thesis statement. Then we explain reason two that we gave in the thesis statement as the topic sentence of paragraph two and then the exact same process goes for all the other paragraphs.


After we have assigned the topic sentence in each of our paragraphs, we must explain what we mean in these sentences and why they're important to our thesis statement or main idea in our essay. These topic sentences will serve as a guideline for both the reader and the writer. These topic sentences serve as a path for the writers, so they do not deviate from the topic and their evidence link back the thesis statement


Detailed sentences 

So, in each paragraph, after we state our reason or topic sentence, we need to explain the reason why we believe or claim something like this could happen. That's where detailed sentences come in. Detailed sentences explain the topic sentence by giving examples, facts, evidence, and reasons that the topic sentence is true and valid. All you have to do is approach a paper writing service and ask them “can you write my paper for me?”, they will get back to you in time and provide you an amazing paper.


The detailed sentences explain the topic sentence and provide evidence that supports our thesis stance, so we write the detailed sentences in all our body paragraphs right after our topic sentence. Detailed sentences are the combination of a premise and evidence. A premise is a statement that introduces facts, evidence, or study. It gives a more proper introduction to the evidence and reminds the reader of the stance.


Concluding sentences  

After our detailed sentences, we follow up and end each paragraph with a conclusion sentence. The concluding sentence in a paragraph reminds us of the topic sentence in the paragraph and also ties back to the topic sentence. We do the same thing in the concluding sentence of body paragraph two, as well as body paragraph three. The concluding sentences are necessary to end a paragraph as they remind the reader and summarizes what was discussed in each paragraph


Conclusion paragraph 

Now let's talk about the conclusion paragraph. By the time you reach the conclusion paragraph, you have answered the prompt with your main idea and message about the topic, and you have explained three reasons that you feel that way.


So, in the conclusion paragraph, you're going to remind readers of your main points and then end with a strong sentence that ties back to the thesis statement. The first sentence in your conclusion paragraph reviews the thesis statement's main idea. After that, the second sentence in our paragraph can remind us of reason number one. We don't want to use the same words in our conclusion paragraph that we used before so we'll rephrase that.


The next sentence in our conclusion paragraph reminds us of reason two, we’ll rephrase that claim as well.  The next sentence in our conclusion paragraph reminds us of reason three and finally, the last sentence of our paragraph and the final sentence in our essay tells a result, consequence, or recommendation based on your thesis statement. So those are all of the parts of a basic five-paragraph essay.


Keep in mind, you can also hire an essay writing service provider if you are not sure that you will write a high-quality essay on your own. 


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