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Just like you regularly take your car in for a service to see if the parts need to be replaced, it is also wise to do this with your outboard motor. You should have your engine checked by a specialist at least once a year. Some storage facilities such as this one for boat storage in Chandler offer easy access to experienced boat technicians to help you with this.

Routine outboard maintenance offers many benefits such as improved power for your engine and you also extend the life of your engine as well as the safety of your boat. The purchase of a new engine is often more expensive than the cost of maintaining and checking the engine itself.

Salt or brackish water

In Arizona, there are different types of water and there are lakes and rivers that are fresh and salty. Water is brackish when it is somewhere between fresh and salty. Salty and brackish water is an extra burden on your engine and propeller. Therefore, if you have been in this water, make sure that you completely rinse the engine with fresh water.

Salt or brackish water has the damaging characteristic that it causes salt to adhere to the metal parts and oxidize, which forms rust. Regular rinsing with freshwater prevents these problems.

Check the outboard motor cooling

An engine that burns gasoline will cause it to heat up. This is okay, as the water automatically cools the outboard engine. This makes cooling a lot easier. The jet of water that leaves your outboard motor is, therefore, water that is used to cool the motor. In a normal situation, this is enough to keep the motor cool.

If the jet is less powerful, it is likely that the inlet for the cooling water is clogged. It is then advisable to check this carefully because if your engine gets too hot, it can cause damage to the motor. To learn more or book a luxury unit for boat storage in Chandler Arizona, please visit Luxelocker today.

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