The advantages of using natural cosmetics and body care products – Aura Sensory

Did you know that organic cosmetics are much safer to use in the long term and provide more benefits to the skin than conventional cosmetics? Well, unlike regular cosmetics, organic skincare products allow the skin to better absorb the benefits of natural ingredients while preventing unnecessary damage to the upper layers of the skin.

Health and beauty experts agree that natural cosmetics have enormous advantages for the health of the skin since their action is not aggressive. In addition, they help to strengthen and improve dermal functions thanks to the natural components that plant compounds provide us. These products, apart from being favorable for the health of the skin, help prevent environmental damage, since the manufacture of these cosmetics is ecologically ethical, and does not use toxic chemical substances that are harmful to plants or animals. This makes them perfect for use by health-conscious individuals who want to play a role in preserving the planet.

Natural cosmetics provide natural nourishment from plant-based compounds, whereas conventional cosmetics are made with synthetic oils and chemical stabilizers which only manage to protect the skin externally, and tend to clog the pores. Other advantages of switching to organic cosmetics include:

•    The skin assimilates them better and they are ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
•    They have a softer, less aggressive effect, unlike conventional cosmetics.
•    Regenerates, cares, and protects the skin effectively.
•    They do not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives or artificial perfumes.
•    They adapt very well to any type of skin due to the greater affinity of its components with the epidermis.
•    They do not contain chemical components derived from petroleum or artificial additives.
•    Being made up of natural products, they stimulate the skin's innate ability to regenerate.
•    They do not cause allergic reactions or side effects, as is the case in conventional cosmetics.
•    They are sustainably manufactured because the plants used in these cosmetic products are grown without using chemical pesticides or herbicides of any kind.

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