What should you check before taking your car home?

Getting your new car delivered to your house can be quite an exciting and fulfilling moment in your life. However, with it, it brings a number of complications as well. Since your car is already on the road before it gets delivered to you, there are quite a few things you should check before you take the car home.

This article further points out some of the important things you should keep in mind before you take it home. With these points, you will surely make the most of your purchase. Keep reading further to learn about what you should check and how.

What are the main parts to check in a car?


While you might go to the showroom and like how a car looks, it can change quite a bit once you get it delivered. This is mainly because of the transit from the manufacturer's location to the dealer's, you might find some scratches or dents, depending on the delivery service.

This is the main reason why you should always check the car’s exterior well, especially around the bumpers and sides of the car. Another good thing would be to check the paintwork of the car.

If you notice even the slightest bit of repainted patches or dents, tell the dealer about it. After all, you should want a product that looks and feels new since you are paying the full price for it.


A common mistake that new car buyers often make is forgetting to check the interior of the car thoroughly after the exterior. While the discrepancies on the exterior are more noticeable, that does not mean that you can be sure of the interior.

Try checking for stains on the dashboard or the seats. Look into the glovebox and check each hinge properly before you finalize the deal. . If you want to be absolutely sure about the new 2020 Kia forte listings that you got, remove the floor mats and check if there is any kind of moisture settlement on the carpet.

These are a couple of the most missed places that you should check before you take your car home. With that, you should also pay attention to the documentation of the car and other similar details.

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