What you should know about Dental Restoration - Dr.Mexico Border Clinic

The desire to have the teeth properly and comprehensively restored and then to maintain them for a lifetime with the right care makes much more sense than treating a tooth at a time. Often the distance between the two jaws has been reduced due to incorrect loading or inadequate dental restorations. Such a problem can only be solved meaningfully and permanently with a complete renovation.

When is a complete dental restoration necessary?

Many patients visit the dentist because they have neglected their teeth for a long time for professional or private reasons or simply because they are afraid of the dentist and now finally want to have them put back in order. They could have sustained minor tooth damage, but due to fear of dentists, fail to get treatment for years and the condition of the teeth deteriorate. Often even tooth loss is the result. In order to restore dental health, a complete renovation is necessary in these cases. Bad teeth can also be genetic. Here, no matter how precise home dental hygiene is, tooth damage simply increases over time. In principle, a complete dental restoration is possible for the following groups of patients:

•    Toothless patients who may only have residual roots in their jaws
•    Patients with serious oral cavities and gum diseases which have resulted in the loss of many teeth

How does a complete dental restoration work?

In the two groups of patients, the teeth or roots are completely removed. After the wounds have healed, the missing teeth are prosthetically treated with suitable dentures.

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If you have been worried about your teeth for a long time, you may also be concerned about the expected costs of dental restoration. At Dr. Mexico Dental Clinic, it is particularly important to the dentists that your individual restoration of the teeth is at an affordable cost. To learn more about a complete, high-quality dental restoration get in touch with an experienced dentist in Tijuana Mexico here.